What is Chess Database Online?

Chess Database Online is a powerful application for analysing, playing, and studying chess games. It contains a database of over a million games, searchable by board position, player, event, date, rating, and result! It also allows visitors to connect and play, watch, and kibitz on live games. Multiplayer analysis sessions allow for groups of players to analyze games together and save all of their analysis. It has a powerful Javascript-based game analysis engine so you can set it to analyze positions to find things that you missed, or simply just play against it for practice.

* This application does not use Flash® in any way - all of the sound, animations, game engine, and multiplayer support are performed with the HTML5 Canvas and WebSocket elements.

** This started out as a simple look at using HTML5 for javascript gaming, has developed into a full application, and is still a work in progress!


  • 1.2 million game database
  • Multiplayer games (real-time - watch them move the pieces!) and analysis sessions
  • Powerful Javascript play & analysis engine
  • Unlimited number of variations supported for each move
  • Lightning-fast board-position search on any position with move statistics
  • Play directly from your Facebook account - no registration required!
  • Powerful kibitzing and chat features
  • Endgame database for perfect play with 6 pieces or less on the board
  • Opening play based on move analysis from 1.2 million game database
  • Full HTML5 - no Flash®